Avanlee App Overview


Our Story

Made by those who use senior care.

Designed for families who need senior care.

Born and raised in Montana, Avanlee developed the nationally available Avanlee Care app to fill a void that once existed in her life.

When Avanlee turned 10, her grandfather fell ill. For the next eight years, she watched as her grandmother, her parents, and her aunts and uncles all helped care for him. In 2008, her grandfather passed away.

Avanlee decided that there had to be a better way to care for someone like this but the technology was not yet in place. And so Avanlee the app was born. Today she continues to use the app to stay closer and support her Grandmother, Barb.

The Avanlee app exists for families struggling to care for a family member in need while juggling their own family, career, and time. This all-in-one solution aids the children of aging adults by offering a comprehensive set of tools to help provide better community and care for families.

The Avanlee App

Communication with the whole family is key to making the best decisions possible for the care of your aging loved one.


Private family connection
A safer way to stay connected through private and secure communications, from texts and photos to in-app video calling
Remote elderly care
Up to 10 members can join any family subscription, wherever they're located, at no extra cost.
Timely, triggered alerts
Notifications inform the family of important updates in schedule, routine and medical reminders, for greater care of an aging parent or loved one.
10 minutes to be a pro!
From simple administration of roles to "Ask Avanlee" - the app's live support feature - there's never been an easier caregiver mobile app.
Daily care assistance
Receive daily health reports on mood and appointments, with the ability to manage remote.
A smarter senior care app
Integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit for monitoring of heart rate, steps, and sleep.