It’s finally spring (yay!)—the air is warming, the grass is growing, flowers are out, and the long winter is wrapping up. Spring has always been one of my favorite times of the year, and many of my favorite memories of spring have been spent with my grandparents.

Here at Avanlee, we’re all about enabling your loved ones to stay at home longer, which means more time to share their traditions at home, more time to spend in the garden, more time baking in the kitchen, and more time doing the things they care about.

Already have the Avanlee app? Reserve some time on your family calendar this spring and spend time enjoying the weather with your loved ones.

Below are four of our favorite spring-themed activities for seniors and we’d love to hear how you spend your springtime with your loved ones.

1. Go Outside

No matter what your loved one’s physical capabilities or restrictions are, there are a number of great ways to enjoy spring with your family—even from the comfort of your porch. Grab a game they love, get set up on the porch, and enjoy the warmer weather from the safety and accessibility of your porch.

2. Get In The Garden

Gardening is great for stress relief and is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors with your loved ones. Depending on the season, you can plant different fruits and veggies, so make sure you check out appropriate seeds for the time of year.

Since we’re focusing on spring gardening, here are some great options to plant! Make sure you check what hardiness zone you’re in, as some regions will allow for summer plants much earlier than others.

Some of my favorites to plant with my grandparents in Montana are kale and other leafy greens, but make sure to check what works for your area specifically.

3. Plant Some Potted Flowers

Spring is a great time to plant perennials! Potted flowers are an easy activity for those with mobility issues. Just set up a comfortable area with chairs and work in a seated position if bending or standing for long periods of time causes pain or joint issues.

Take a trip to your local gardening store, pick some containers you love and some potting soil and choose your favorite plants. Gardener’s World shares some easy flower options to get started with in planters including peonies, or even hanging baskets if you want something even easier to get started with.

Most garden centers will have a variety of planter box flowers available depending on your location and season, so you can take a trip there, pick out your favorites, and get to planting.

4. Try Some Outdoor Crafts

Outdoor crafts are a fun way to spend time with grandkids, and there are many projects you can work on together, like painting rocks.

Painting rocks is a simple and easy craft you can do from your kitchen table or backyard. Grab some stones or skipping rocks (we would always grab large pieces from our driveway, but you can also get stones from your local garden center), a few paintbrushes, and the acrylic paint of your choosing.

Set up where you’re comfortable to use paint that isn’t the most water-soluble, and have fun spending time chatting, creating art, and making lasting memories. Once the rocks are dry, you can place them around your house or in your garden, and have fun visual memories of great times creating art with your family.

Have Fun With Your Senior This Spring

No matter if you’re near or far, you can take advantage of the warming weather, and spend some time together having fun. The outdoors can help relieve stress, provide a break from the day-to-day tasks that pile up, and provide a safe place for conversation and connection with your care receiver.

Spring is the perfect time to get outside with your loved ones and it can be a great way to spend quality time with your parents or grandparents. If they don’t live near you, put time on their calendar in the Avanlee App to Facetime and virtually plant some flowers, sit on the porch, or just celebrate the warmer weather.