Private Family Connection

Don't waste any more time searching for family threads with this easy and safe way to keep you and your family close.

Your hub for communication centered around care.

With a private and secure newsfeed, Avanlee makes it safer to stay closer to your aging loved ones, from mood updates to videos and status updates.

Creating Posts

To make a new post, click on the Plus Sign in the lower right corner of the Feed page. Enter your message, and upload your photo or video if you choose, and click Add.

To interact with posts, you can like or comment. To like, click the heart, underneath the post. To comment, click the comment icon.

Sharing your mood

If you’re a care receiver, you can update your mood to let your family know how you’re feeling. Click on the Mood square in the lower right-hand corner of the Health Report, and select how you feel today from the moods.

There's a better way.

Family caregivers have to struggle anymore. We invite you to lower your stress and enjoy caregiving with Avanlee - the all-in-one app transforming the caregiver journey.