Grocery Delivery with Walmart

Ensure your loved one's over-the-counter, grocery, and home goods needs are taken care of.

Take the worry out of managing grocery needs.

We are excited to offer grocery fulfillment through Walmart and the Avanlee app! You and your family can now benefit from our fully integrated grocery shopping powered by Walmart to make sure your loved one has the food they need at home. It’s easy to access right in the Avanlee app and can help simplify your day-to-day caregiving tasks. To get started, click on the main menu in the upper left corner of your Avanlee app, and click on Grocery Shopping. You’ll have two options from this page: Shopping Lists and Order Now.

Shopping Lists

Shopping lists are a way to organize your grocery lists by family members and have saved items that are easy to reorder for weekly or recurring grocery orders. You can make multiple lists for multiple family members that you can create with common staples and set up for delivery or pickup.

To get started, simply click on Shopping Lists in the Grocery Shopping section, give your list a name, set the store location, and select your care receiver. Click Save, and start adding items to your cart.

Once you’ve created your cart, you can either order those items immediately by clicking order now or wait until refills are needed. The list will automatically save your groceries, and you can go back into the list, and add more items or check out at any time.

Clicking on the order now button at the bottom of your shopping list will take you to Walmart’s page to complete your order. Once you’ve placed your order, you can let your family know in the Avanlee app, and send them a calendar reminder for when the groceries will be delivered.

Order Now

Order Now is a great way to quickly order your groceries without making changes to your shopping lists for recurring groceries.

Think of Order Now as a quick and easy way to get those potato chips you’ve been thinking about all day, maybe something easy to heat up for dinner, or that random jar of Oregano that you’ve been meaning to replace for your mom but keep forgetting while you’re in the store.

Order Now works similarly to Shopping Lists in that you need to set your store location, and adding groceries and checkout is the same. However, Order Now won’t save your list after you complete your order.

Lastly, once you’ve placed your order, you can send a reminder to your family and care receivers if the order is going to one of them. That’s it!

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